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The Freemont Group is here to assist you with setting up your international business.

If you are looking for a solution to pay the minimum amount of taxes or obtain the optimal asset protection and estate planning strategy…

…Then we can advice which country or free zone is best to set up your company.


We will assist you by the doing paperwork needed to set up your business. We will also explore the best banking solution for you and provide you with an introduction.

We have extensive knowledge about the tax implications of doing business internationally, and for medium to small sized companies we are the ideal sparring partner.


Freemont Group can offer you formation and management of corporations, free zone companies, trusts, foundations, nominee services, bank introductions, virtual office services and more customized solutions. Contact us, if you want to know more.


We assist international consultants, traders, online marketing specialists, digital nomads, high net worth individuals, international entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen and many more clients from all over the world.

Our aim is to give you the best advice possible. But we will also tell you when something is not a good idea.

This combination of services, expertise and honesty makes us unique.




“Freemont carefully studied our requirements and proposed a company structure that best suited our needs. I really appreciate their support in setting up our company so swiftly in Dubai!

Enrique, Brazil


“Waw this is great new. You guys did a fantastic job!First of September is the perfect date, thank you for all your professional efforts. I hope when I find the time to come to Dubai to have a dinner together to celebrate the birth of Ashay Software Solutions Ltd.

Mark, IT, Belgium


“To whom it may concern:

I hereby want to express my thanks to the Team of Freemont Services JLT for helping me in the most perfect way to set up my business in the United Arab Emirates as well as moving here and settle down. There was not only a lot of help and information before I decided to work with them, but the great line of service was a reliable source of help in all matters.

From the company registration over finding the right location to finally help with the immigration itself – every part of the process has been guided by Freemont and within a very short time the procedures have been successful finalized. Even now after almost a year I can trust the great know how and information. I am very thankful for that and can recommend this services personally.

With best regards,

Oliver Riefler, Fujairah / UAE


“Our law firm has been cooperating with Freemont for several years. Freemont staff is highly professional and customer oriented, the trust officers are always there to serve their clients, to walk the extra mile.

J. P., Attorney at Law, Czech Republic


“From the moment we became client, we felt our international corporate structure being in good hands. Freemont Group proved to be excellent tax advisors and planners.

G.V., Entrepreneur, The Netherlands


“Thank you for meeting with us in Dubai, and thank you for everything. You and your company are extremely professional.

R.G., Entrepreneur, United Kingdom


“While preparing our deal I got persuaded that you are a very professional company, and next time when I need an offshore business to register I will go straight to you.

D.P., Entrepreneur, Ukraine


“For quite a few years I had my work organized in such a way that, using an international setup of my financials, I was able to save myself a high percentage of my income taxes. Thanks Freemont!

I. C., IT Consultant, The Netherlands



The Freemont Group has helped thousands of entrepreneurs pay less taxes…
…and we are ready to help you too!


The Freemont Group

Founded in 2001, Freemont Group became internationally known as a well established provider of trust and professional corporate services to international clients interested in asset protection and tax planning, as well as company succession and estate planning.

Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and consultants from all over the world.

Providing corporate services from Dubai, Panama, Cyprus and Curacao allows us to work efficiently and cost-effectively and to draft tax saving solutions for clients worldwide.


Our core business is the management of structures set up to obtain a reduced tax burden on business, investment or employment income and for inheritance planning and asset protection purposes.

For years, such tax saving structures were the exclusive domain of multinationals, but nowadays they are well within reach of small and medium size businesses


Our goal is to make these complicated tax planning tools available for you.


Contact us now to obtain a free initial consultation.