What Free Zone Should You Use For Your Business?


These are the three options we usually recommend our clients:


RAK Offshore Company

The RAK Offshore Company is ideal for doing business internationally.

You can use the company for almost ANYTHING. Trading, consultancy or freelance work. You can also use the company passively like holding IP or investment. The possibilities are endless.

This legal entity is very flexible to use and the process of setting one up is straightforward.

This company can have a …bank account in Dubai… It will also have a registered office in Dubai, so for the outside world it looks like a Dubai company.


You cannot use a RAK offshore to have a local office, get visas, or import goods into the UAE.


This is the best choice for MOST international business owners.

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Fujairah Free Zone Company

The Fujairah Free Zone is by far the most flexible and easy set up in the UAE. Whenever the business activity fits, we always recommend this free zone to our clients. This Free Zone is one of the fastest to set up your business and requires the least amount of paper work.

Moreover, they offer one of the cheapest solutions for those who wish to have a visa.

This is really the best free zone in the UAE to work with. But can you also set up a company like this?


The Fujairah Free Zone Company is perfect for international consultants like business consultants, managements consultants and lifestyle consultants.

Other activities that the Fujairah Free Zone is good for: Internet entrepreneurs, designers, music and entertainment industry, e-commerce, event managers, writers, publishers, online marketing, advertisers, online trainers and many more.
But trading or manufacturing companies cannot use the Fujairah Free Zone.


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Ajman Free Zone Company

The Ajman is comparable to the Fujairah Free Zone Company in price and ease of set-up. The zone is located close to Dubai, providing you with the option to rent an office space, and manufacturing or storage facilities. Its port makes it ideal for trading.

This Free Zone is ideal to use when you have a trading or manufacturing business.

Moreover, their annual fees are amongst the cheapest in the UAE and they offer the cheapest general trading license in the entire UAE.

This Free Zone also can be the fastest way to set up your business when you are in Dubai and requires a minimum amount of paperwork.

A downside compared to Fujairah is that the set up requires the shareholder or a power of attorney holder to visit the office of the free zone (in Dubai) during incorporation.


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