Company Registration in Dubai:
A Complete Overview

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Why Set-up Your Business in Dubai?

By registering in Dubai, you can get a striking edge. But a business like yours, deserves the best. Reap the rewards of your new and prosperous business set-up in Dubai!

The Real Rewards Of Company Registration In Dubai

For many years, Dubai has been a safe haven for capital in a volatile region.

The government keeps it attractive for foreign investors by not bothering them with excessive paperwork or income taxes.

Not only this, but Dubai also developed into a prime jurisdiction for international business, with a good reputation.

All this, in addition to access to first-class financial services, the ease of doing business, and different free zones competing to be able to host your business.

Setting up your business here provides you with a solid foundation in times of change…

Contact us right now to get started right away, or keep reading below to learn about how to register your company in Dubai.

The Various Business Structures in Dubai:

Dubai Free Zone Company

If you wish to set up a Dubai presence, a quick time to market, full ownership, and ability to obtain visas and local bank accounts.

Dubai Mainland Company

If you wish to operate a full fledged business in Dubai, rent a premise, and provide goods and services to the local market

Dubai Offshore Company

If you do not need a Dubai presence, but wish to use Dubai for its business image, low taxes, and financial services.

Best Dubai Setup For You?

Which business structure is the right for you? Making a choice can be overwhelming.

But for us, it is easy to identify which free zone or structure is the best option for you. Contact us now if you want to talk to someone about setting up your company in Dubai.

We can identify for you which free zone and structure is best for you, and inform you on the process and costs.

Who Are We? Freemont Oneworld Group

We have assisted 1000s of international entrepreneurs set up their business
from our office in the heart of Dubai…

Freemont operates in Dubai since 2006 and we are located in own offices in Business Bay, a prime business location in Dubai. In 2019, we merged with Oneworld Mideast, forming the Freemont Oneworld Group.

Our most important activity is setting up legal entities for our clients. We can advice you as to what business set up best suits your need. We will assist you from start to end and make sure the registration of your company will go smoothly, and will guard you from excess paperwork.

Our office is located in the centre of new Dubai (Bayswater Tower, Level 18, Office 10, Business Bay), and you can drop by any time you like.

Dubai Company Setup Experts

Professional Business Services in Dubai

We are a boutique firm providing niche services to clients which include corporate and trust, global compliance, tax and legal, business advisory, financial advisory and family offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There really are no benchmarks. The price depends on the activity, the free zone, the type of license, office and visa requirements.

Please fill in the form below, and we can provide you with an indication of the price.

Basic documents needed are: passport copy, current proof of address (utility bill), filled in company forms (provided by Freemont), a description of the business.

Depending on the activity, additional requirements could be needed.

To obtain a visa for the UAE, you need to be sponsored. Luckily, a free zone company you own can act as a sponsor.

Free zone companies are allocated a number of visas based on the amount of square meters in office space they rent.

In case you do not need an office, certain free zones offer a flexi-desk/office at a fraction of the cost. This allows for max three visas.

As a businessman, you can sponsor your family also.

This depends on the free zone. Some allocate for three years, others for two.

If you plan on living in Dubai, it is better to look for a place where they offer for three years, to prevent the discomfort of having to redo the process.

It is difficult to provide an exact time-frame, since it highly depends on the free zone and the services needed.

In general, there are a number of steps in the process: the collection of documents, registration with the free zone, registration with the central authorities (if needed), the renting of the office, the opening of the bank account, and the issuing of visas.

For some of these steps your presence might be needed in Dubai, others not. Lightweight structures can be incorporated in a matter of days, others take well over a month.

Starting a business in Dubai doesn't happen overnight. Be patient, and be rewarded!

In general, free zone companies are not allowed to do business outside of the free zone. In practice, there are a number of "flexible" areas, for example with consultancy activities.

For selling goods and providing services to the general UAE market however, you'd need local LCC (mainland company).

Businesses in Dubai are issued a trade license. Generally, they are allowed to perform the activities they are licensed for.

A wide variety of activities are available to choose from. Certain activities, such as investment or health care services might require additional approvals of the UAE government.

A number of free zones allow you to setup the company remotely, or through an agent such as us. However, if you want to get a visa or open a bank account in Dubai you need to visit the UAE at one point during the process.
No. There are licenses where you do not have to rent anything. Others, you at least need to rent a flexi-desk, or even a full blown office.

Yes. Free zone companies allow you access the banking systems in the UAE (something becoming difficult with offshore companies).

But keep in mind, if you want to have a local bank account, you will have to visit Dubai for a meeting with the bank (which can be done here in the office, and in only one morning).

Luckily, in addition to banks there are Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), financial service providers that also offer bank account details. These can be opened remotely. Contact us for details.

Indeed, the UAE is one of a select group of countries in the world with 0% income taxes.

The UAE is not known for being an international tax haven. It has a great number of Tax Treaties in place which makes the UAE an optimal location for legal and compliant international tax planning.

In 2018, the UAE introduced Value Added Tax (VAT). However, the RAK Offshore Company is NOT subjected to VAT.

In 2022 a corporate tax of 9% on corporate income above 100.000 USD was announced. This tax will apply to business operating within the UAE.

Free zone and offshore businesses will also be required to register and file a corporate tax return. However, the new corporate tax regime will continue to provide the tax incentives currently offered to these businesses―to the extent that they do not conduct business with the UAE mainland.

Any personal income remains tax-free also.

When you fill in this form we’ll give you a free tailor made consultation.

…We respond immediately, and answer your questions.

And after we have identified what you need, we’ll smoothly incorporate your Dubai company.


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