Helping me in the most perfect way…

“To whom it may concern:

I hereby want to express my thanks to the Team of Freemont Services JLT for helping me in the most perfect way to set up my business in the United Arab Emirates as well as moving here and settle down. There was not only a lot of help and information before I decided to work with them, but the great line of service was a reliable source of help in all matters.

From the company registration over finding the right location to finally help with the immigration itself – every part of the process has been guided by Freemont and within a very short time the procedures have been successful finalized. Even now after almost a year I can trust the great know how and information.

I am very thankful for that and can recommend this services personally.

With best regards,”

Thanks Freemont!

“For quite a few years I had my work organized in such a way that, using an international setup of my financials, I was able to save myself a high percentage of my income taxes. Thanks Freemont!”

Very professional company…

“While preparing our deal I got persuaded that you are a very professional company, and next time when I need an offshore business to register I will go straight to you.”

Walk the extra mile…

“Our law firm has been cooperating with Freemont for several years. Freemont staff is highly professional and customer oriented, the trust officers are always there to serve their clients, to walk the extra mile.”

Extremely Professional…

“Thank you for meeting with us in Dubai, and thank you for everything. You and your company are extremely professional.”

I really appreciate their support

“Freemont carefully studied our requirements and proposed a company structure that best suited our needs. I really appreciate their support in setting up our company so swiftly in Dubai!”

You guys did a fantastic job…

“Waw this is great news! You guys did a fantastic job. First of September is the perfect date, thank you for all your professional efforts. I hope when I find the time to come to Dubai to have a dinner together to celebrate the birth of Ashay Software Solutions Ltd.”